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To establish as an successful LAE by 2011
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Monday, April 23, 2012


Hey there,

*Blow Blow* The Journals has been covered with an inch thick of dust. Phew~ It has been close to 6 months since I had updated my blog. Days have been busier till today; yes today. After obtaining my License Without Type Rating (LWTR) from Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCAM) last October (if I aint wrong, it was on 17th October 2011), I never looked back again. 2 months of Departmental Visits in Engineering Maintenance Division followed by On Job Training (OJT) in ASU KLIA indeed have benefited me; grooming me, gaining experience, exposure and pleasure in my job. 

Last Wednesday, 18th of April 2012, after 5 and a half years of being inducted into training program, I finally concluded my Company License with MAS Quality Assurance. Yes! Yes! I have established! Your sincerely is now a License Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Type-Rated for B737-400 in Electrical Systems. Gripped with endurance, never-say-die attitude and perseverance, I overcome mountains and seas to wear the prestigious white shirt with three gold epaulettes on my shoulders (that's official LAE's uniform). I have proven the doubters wrong, silence the critics out there (you know who you are)

My success today will be impossible if not without them; Mum and Dad (thanks you for your endless support, love and cares), Instructors, Mr Virtualmystic (thanks you for all the guidance, motivation and assistance; most importantly, you have established me as an LAE), my fellow seniors LAE (thanks you for signing my work schedule, coaching me, and helping me along the way), my fellow colleagues and friends. A big rounds of applause for all of you guys! 

Looking forward, while waiting for my offer letter and posting, I am currently planning for a holiday break. I need a break, really. Haha. Will be back to update more again! Chao!

See ya,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Keith!

Mummy and younger brother flew over to my place;
they took along with them,


they brought a Birthday Cake for me!
I love you, Mum!
And of course, my Dad!
Dad was busy with work,
so he couldn't fly over with Mum ...

24th September for 24 years old,
sign of age catching up with me?

It is a Cheese Cake!
My favourite though,
hmm, yummy yummy!
There are still slices in my refrigerator,
anyone want some?

Till then ...
KeithK :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

One Date, Three Stories

16th September 2011 ...
As the title suggests, I will begin the story one by one
First, 5 years ago on this date,
I flew all the way from Kuching
to Kuala Lumpur, after being accepted by MAS
into the Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
program at Subang.
Five years of endurance, perseverance, strong willpower
have brought me thus far;
I am one
stop from establishing as a LAE.
I have just obtained my LWTR
(License Without Type Rating)
from DCA last month ...
Good thing is, my License coverage
will come in triplets,
Electrical, Instruments and Radio (Cat B2)
Next, to apply for my QA Company Approval!
Here I am coming, QA~

16th September 2011 ...
There is this love story I have just read.
A handsome young man, called Malaya
celebrated his birthday lavishly at 31st August 1957.
Across the South China Sea,
he spotted a beautiful Borneo girl.
He courted her, exchanged vows and got married
on 16th September 1963 in a low-key ceremony.
So, every year, a huge party is thrown
for her husband's birthday, but,
why not his wife?
Well, husbands arent good at remembering
dates, are they?
Happy Anniversary Malaysia!
Came across this short story from
a friend of mine, Suh.
How creative is she!
Nice one :)

16th September 2011 ...
My last night in Subang.
I'm moving to Kota Warisan tomorrow
as I will be based in KLIA
Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU)
starting from 1st October 2011.
I will miss Subang here;
the people, the food
and of course Subang Hangar!

Orchid Apartment in Subang ...

Till then,
will update more once
I settle down at new house later!

KeithK :)

Friday, September 9, 2011


Greeting! How are you, dear Journals? It has been a long time since I last visited you. Days by days, months by months, many have changed tremendously; not to mention new thing I have gotten, but something I have lost as well ... It is September now, 2011, exactly 5 years of training in the field of aviation. Recall the headline "My Aims" in The Journals? My first target is to " ... Establish as a successful LAE by 2011 ... " Timeline is nearing soon, without realizing. I still harbor and uphold my perseverance and strong will power to achieve my dream, most probably early next year. Guys, do keep me in your prayer. Remind me of my targets and dreams if I ever slack off sometimes!

9M-MMK was the last aircraft I did in Subang before I am officially transferred to Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) in KLIA by this coming October. The difference between Subang, Aircraft Overhaul Department (AOD) with AMU is, in Subang, we do heavy maintenance with complete overhaul while in KLIA, we do lighter check package, more on to defect rectification. In AMU, it is shorter turn-around time, shorter aircraft downtime - everything is very timely-controlled. Dad called me yesterday, telling how "beautiful" MMK is; internally "healthy" and externally "pleasing"! Shortly after taking-off from Subang, MMK goes into the sky with first revenue flight to Kuching, my hometown. So, what did I do for this aircraft that I can remember deeply? Hmmm, I crawled into the main tank for Fuel Compensator Unit replacement, most of the inspection and rectification of defects in APU were covered by myself with my colleagues, trouble-shooting of the Fuel Quantity Indicator internal lighting with Abg TShah, trouble-shooting of Inertial reference System with Abg Farid, etc. It was an awesome experience working in Line 6, with helpful LAEs, Technician and Junior Technicians. Definitely I will miss Subang after this ...

Grandma celebrated her 95th birthday on the 20th of August, a week earlier of her actual birthday. Few days later, on the 25the August, 1130pm at night, she passed away peacefully of aging. According to my Uncle, Grandma didnt suffer much during her last hour; she was complaining of backache in the morning, by the afternoon, she had a fever, and then by 1130pm, she breathed her last breath. Rest in peace, Grandma. You'll be dearly missed from us! Your words, your love, your "cuteness" and your spirit will be with us deep in our heart ...

This has to be one of the greatest match of all time between Manchester United vs Arsenal. In front of eighty thousand of spectators, the Red Devils ran riot thrashing The Gunner by 8 goals to 2. Rooney hit hat-trick, Ashley Young hit a brace; very entertaining, full of excitement; I really enjoyed the game. Haha ... Who wouldn't be shocked to see such a scoreline? It is Arsenal man, you are playing with. Haha :)

See, yes, it is for real! The sacred RED BOOK is finally here after much of tussle and hassle. This is my Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License issued by The Department of Civil Aviation of Malaysia (DCA). I am qualified for Category B2 (Avionics). The Red Book was issued to us on the 17th of August, phew, such a relief after waiting for close to a year for me. My License Number is E 3728. Nice number huh? Hit 20 points! So, I am the 3728th people in Malaysia who hold this Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License. I am proud, I shall live up to its legacy. This will be a stepping stone for me to apply for my B737-400 Company Approval in MAS in future. At the moment, I cant certify for MAS aircraft yet until I have gotten the Company Approval issued by MAS Quality Assurance Department. It is time to brush up my skill and knowledge now. After my Departmental Visit in October, things will get serious! Time is catching up; I know a lot of people around are looking on me, especially my Dad and Virtualmystic ...

Moon Cake Festival is coming - on the 12th of September, it is the 15th day of Eighth month in Lunar Calendar. My Uncle gave me this Tiramisu Moon Cake from Starbucks; first of this kind I have seen. Haha ... Yummy :)

My Mom gave me two hard boiled eggs for my birthday, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. My actual birthday falls on the 24th September. Hey, mark in down into your calendar. Remember to send me a present ya? Haha :)

See you soon, guys!
With love,

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Dear Daddy

He will drive me to school everyday without being late even though he is occupied with his shift work in the airport. Despite the hassle, the rush, and the stress of being caught in the traffic jam, for the last 13 years, he never breathes any words of complaint. I promised myself; by the end of every year, without fail, I will ensure he will be invited for my school's prize giving ceremony. As he looked as I stood up on the stage to receive my academic trophy, he smiled and cheered for me from below. He would take leave on that particular day, put on his best dress. He knew his hard-work and sacrifices had paid off well ...

We share the laughter and passion together while watching football on TV. Ironically, we do not support the same teams; indeed our teams are bitter rivals of all time. He cheers for Arsenal while I sing Glory Glory Manchester United! No matter what the outcome of the match for our teams, we toss the Beers and cheer for the time we have ...

He is the one who introduced me to Aviation ever since I was a little kid. He taught me "A for Aeroplane", unlike most other parents will teach their children, "A for Apple". Occasionally in the evening, whenever he was not working, he would drive me in his creamy white Toyota car to the airport. He would park his car beside the road, overlooking the long runway, holding me tight around his broad arms, whispering softly into my ears, "Son, this is an aeroplane, and this is where your destiny begins!". The joy of seeing the aeroplane took off with its wheels departing from the ground was overwhelming, even though it was just a split moment. As I grew up, I developed deep interest in aeroplane, as if there was a strong bond and fondness between us ...

You are the Hero for all us,
You work hard, day and night,
in rain nor under the sun,
so that, we can have hot meals
three times a day on the table,
so that, we can have a shed under the roof
from the ferocious wind and burning sun,
so that, we can have books to study,
clothes to wear and money to spend!

We love you, Daddy!
Happy Father's Day!

Love always,
Keith, Karen and Kelvin

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Dear Mum

She will occasionally open my wallet,
and secretly put inside some money notes
if she found I have an empty one ...
When I asked her why, she said,
"I dont need them, you can keep them."

I recalled I told her I wanted to buy myself a pair of sport shoes
for badminton and jogging.
The next thing in the afternoon,
she surprised me with a new pair of shoes in front of my eyes!

Whenever I called her on the phone,
I told her, how much I missed her home-cooked food;
now, every time I am back home,
she will have all my favourite food served hot on the table without fail ...

She always accompanies me along the way;
be it hot or cold, stormy or windy outside,
no matter how ferocious the sea may be,
how rough the wave may hit, she will hold my hands tight,
tap me by the shoulders to push me up!

25th of May - It is my Mum's birthday!
I once asked how would you want for this year's gift?
She humbly replied, "As long as you all come home!"
That's the only thing she is asking for - simple yet meaningful!
My heart touched;
I hugged her tight, kissed her on her forehead,
and wish her a "Happy Birthday!"

Love you always, Mum!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pengantin Baru

Saturday, 12th of March 2011 was Che Azahar's big day. On that eventful afternoon, he tied the knots with his fiancee, taking their oath to love each other for the rest of life in front of hundreds of friends and relatives. Che Azahar, my colleague and my batch mate, was all excited and in high spirit as we took turn to take photos with the bride and groom. The wedding reception was held in Gombak, so, Wen Jie, Nicholas and I headed down by lunch hour. Selamat Pengantin Baru, Che! May you live happily with your loved one!

TAME 71 Batch mates - (L-R): Nadwa, Your truthfully,
Che, his wife, Anisah, Nurlin, Ayu and Ewin

Greetings from METC

Congratulations again, Che!

KeithK :)